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Journal of Nutrition Research
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Journal of Nutrition Research

Year: 2023, Volume: 11, Issue: 1, Pages: 6-19

Review Article

IAPEN INDIA Consensus Statement on Nutritional Management in Head and Neck Cancers

Received Date:27 December 2022, Accepted Date:22 January 2023, Published Date:30 January 2023


Nutritional support is an integral component in the treatment of head and neck cancers (HNC). Studies indicate 90% of HNC patients are at high risk of developing malnutrition. Chemo-radiation and surgery, the three common treatments used to treat HNC are highly susceptible to toxic side effects. Dysphagia is often underestimated in HNC patients. A prolonged impaired swallowing process can lead to severe morbidities like malnutrition, dehydration, aspiration, pneumonia, and even death. These complications have adverse effects on patients' QoL (Quality of Life) and mental health. These adverse reactions further complicate the nutritional status of the patients and the final treatment outcome, increasing morbidity and mortality. The consensus statements try to address nutritional issues and provide practical recommendations for practicing dieticians and clinicians.


Keywords: Head and neck cancer guidelines, Nutrition in head and neck cancers, Consensus statements in nutrition in Head and neck cancers, IAPEN head and neck cancer guidelines


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